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EECO Home Elevator supplies “Plug and Play” products providing your customers with a luxurious addition to their home. Our Residential Elevator is designed to be installed quickly in new or existing construction. With install times as short as a few days, EECO Home is the elevator of choice for Architects and Home Builders across the country.

The home elevator process begins with a solid project plan. Along the way efficient and dynamic interactions must take place between the relevant parties; EECO Home Elevator, the architect, the home builder (or general contractor) and the homeowner.

The architect must provide the floor plan including the hoistway dimensions. With these plans a EECO Home Elevator Specialist can create a packet of preliminary drawings to illustrate how the elevator will fit within the hoistway. Using the EECO Home Design Guide; the architect, home owner and the elevator installation company can determine the correct Drive System, Cab Configuration and Materials to design the perfect residential elevator for meet the home owner’s particular decor.