EECO Home Elevator Testimonials

EECO Home Elevator customers are the best advertisers for our residential elevators. Below, you’ll find a few videos of our satisfied customers.

As brother and sister roommates found it increasingly difficult to travel to the second story, they decided that an Advantage Home Elevator was the solution. Allowing them to travel upstairs to the bedrooms where with out the elevator was becoming a serious chore.

As generations pass and families settle into their homes, it becomes difficult to move and readjust to a new surrounding. With Advantage Home Elevator the Hernandez Family was able to stay in their home without the worry of traveling up and down the stairs. Now they can continue to enjoy their family home for many more years.

Adding an elevator to their home gave the Sudrys that “Keeping up with the Jones” feeling. When guests or relatives come to stay, they find themselves amazed to find an elevator within this luxury home. Giving the Sudry’s freedom to move throughout the house with ease transporting the kids, groceries, and other items.